Upslope Brewing Company: Still Kickin’ it After Three Years

We live in a culture of constant flux.  Permanence is gone.  New technologies become obsolete within days.  Our professional athletes change teams like they change jock straps.  Celebrities marry and divorce quicker than four frat boys killing a pitcher of beer.  This weekend, my girlfriend and I tried to visit Los Oasis Latin Grill & Cerveceria, Boulder’s latest brewery, only to discover that, in the span of about three or four months, it has ceased operations.  Is nothing set in stone these days?  Must everything appear and disappear in the blink of an eye?  Has society reconfigured itself to conform to the playground idiom “you snooze, you lose”?  It oftentimes feels that way and the pessimistic among us certainly buy into this way of thinking.  Fret not, dear reader, for there are rays of hope; there are things that, though conceived in the new millennium, still have potential for permanency.  Case in point: Upslope Brewing Company which celebrated three years of existence this weekend.

Back Patio Taps

The third anniversary party was held in Upslope’s tasting room in Boulder.  I had been to the tasting room once before but, due to some extensive renovations, it has since doubled in size.  Yet, even with the extra room, Upslope needed to establish two temporary bars outside at the front and back of the building to contain the plethora of tap handles needed for the event.  Tap Room List In addition  to the normal Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, and Craft Lager, Upslope was also serving up a foreign stout, a Belgian pale ale, a Baltic porter (their 3rd anniversary special), and a handful of other beers that aren’t canned and distributed.  They were even serving up their GABF gold medal-winning Pumpkin Ale but, due to the overcrowded nature of the tap lineup, a keg needed to be kicked before they could make room for it.  Unfortunately, by the time they were ready to hook up the Pumpkin Ale keg, we needed to start back for Denver.  We had previously had the Pumpkin Ale at Upslope’s tap takeover at Hops & Pie, but were looking forward to having it again.

Other highlights of the event included participating food trucks and live music from Boulder-based The Longest Day of the Year and Washington-based Acorn Project.

We headed back to Denver with handsome and exclusive 3rd Anniversary tulip glasses, sated our unnatural lust for pumpkin beer at Denver Beer Co. and Strange Brewing Company, and called it a night.

Upslope Party Goers

Lessons learned from the event:

  1. Come fashionably late so you’re not waiting hours for the beer you came for.
  2. Express your love for a brewery’s specialty beers so they get the hint that you want them canned for easier consumption
  3. Treat your local breweries, new and old, well so that Colorado may have, retain, and flaunt its status as an American beer Mecca.

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  • Sean Buchan

    Upslope put on a pretty fun party. Cheers to all of our readers that made it out for the event!