Putting iX Mixer to the test

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a local company called iX Mixer. They make a product that is meant to help alleviate hangover symptoms after a big night out. I called bullshit. They called my call, and are ready to throwdown and prove their worth.

Basically, iX Mixer is a slightly carbonated, lightly flavored drink that you use in the place of other mixers. If you’d normally have a cranberry vodka, you might enjoy an iX Mixer Berry and vodka. Maybe you’re a Tom Collins drinker. You could try the iX Collins: 2 parts gin, 2 parts Citrus iX, 1 part club soda, and a lemon wedge. There are a ton of other recipes on their site, too.

The mixer has electrolytes and a bunch of B vitamins. If you use it as your mixer all night, a morning that would have been a level 10 on the hangover scale might drop to a 6.

Again, I called bullshit. But, I’ve tried it, and.. placebo or not, I felt a lot better than I should have in the morning.

They want to prove to you, too, that this works. So we’ve teamed up with iX Mixer and Star Bar to test the merits of the iX. We need your help. Come drink with us, and let us know how you feel the next day. Simple, right?

The event is next Thursday (11/10) at 8pm at Star Bar (2137 Larimer). $5 beer cocktails, $5 call drinks, $3 well cocktails, Karaoke, and some giveaways. Let’s put iX Mixer to the test!

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  • Taylor

    I appreciate your skeptic take, PJ. Looking forward to testing it out for myself.

    • http://www.pedalhopper.com Pedal Hopper Denver

      We’re big fans of iX and offer it to patrons on our authentic bar cycles. We had a great time at this event, and as always, we felt just a little better than expected after iXing our drinks with iX.