Peach Street Bourbon to be Released Statewide

This certainly gives us reason to rejoice. The delicious nectar of the gods (whiskey), in the Peach Street Distillers‘ Colorado Straight Bourbon fashion is now released statewide via Southern Wine and Spirits.  Here’s the press release for more details:

Colorado’s First Bourbon Sees Statewide Release

When Peach Street Distillers released Colorado’s first bourbon in 2008, the distillery grossly underestimated the demand of the state’s bourbon connoisseurs and Colorado Straight Bourbon quickly entered the realm of “limited releases.” Aficionados can now rejoice; as of this week, Peach Street has permanently launched the bourbon statewide.

“By law bourbon has to age for at least 2 years–we age ours a bit longer, and it has taken us some time to catch back up,” said Peach Street Co-founder, Rory Donovan. “Our rackhouse is now full, and I’ll tell you, barrels upon barrels of bourbon are a beautiful thing!”

Peach Street, Colorado’s oldest continually-operating and locally-owned distillery began making their bourbon in 2006 in their small distillery in Palisade. In the years following Donovan and his partners, Bill Graham and David Thibodeau, have built 2 more buildings in order to house enough inventory to meet demand. “I really can’t believe that the day is finally here–we’ve been putting all of our energy into barrels for what seems like forever, to actually see the fruits of our labor come to market is a proud moment,” said Donovan

According to Donovan the bourbon is light on the palate, revealing soft caramel flavors and cereal notes with aromas of light oak and vanilla. The bourbon is proofed at 46% alcohol by volume, or 92 proof, according to Head Distiller Davy Lindig’s specifications. Each 750 ml. bottle is hand-numbered by Lindig and features a black wax-dipped top. Colorado Straight Bourbon is one of only 2 bourbons on the market (the other being Colorado Gold’s) actually distilled and bottled in Colorado. As with all of Peach Street’s spirits, they use local, Colorado ingredients, including the famed sweet corn of Olathe.

A common misunderstanding is that Bourbon must be made in Kentucky, and although there are strict laws governing what a bourbon is, the spirit can technically be made anywhere in the United States.  According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Bourbon must be made from at least 51 % corn, aged for not less than two years in new charred American oak barrels, and nothing can be added at bottling to enhance the flavor or color.

Colorado Straight Bourbon is being distributed through Southern Wine and Spirits and this week has already hit the shelves of 66 restaurants, stores, and bars.

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  • Ginger

    Now the question remains, who in Denver is selling the stuff?

    • Bess Dougherty

      Well Ginger, I know of a certain store a little bit north that got a few cases.

      • Jim

        Cases? A little birdie told me stores were only getting 6 bottles max. WANT

        • Bess Dougherty

          That biridie was mistaken? I’m not sure about other stores but we got a decent amount.

          • Jim


      • Jim

        Cases? A little birdie told me that stores were only getting 6 bottles max. WANT

    • Brandon

      I bought a bottle at Davidson’s at Holly and County Line Rd.

      This is an exceptional bourbon. I mean wow! It beats Breckenridge’s offering and that is a great one too. The depth of flavor in this is impressive – one of my favorite bourbons (full disclosure: I’m more of a malt guy, but I love a good bourbon).