Halloween hangover courtesy of Amato’s

Trick-or-treaters must have been disappointed when they came to my locked door and empty, dark house, but Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  The candy!  The costumes!  The scares!  What’s not to love?  Now I’ve grown older and it’d be too creepy to have a costumed man in his mid-20’s bang on a suburbanite’s door and demand candy, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up on the holiday altogether.  Thanks to events like Trick or Beer at Ale House at Amato’s, I can celebrate Halloween like an adult.

The event featured three breweries: Breckenridge Brewery (a Colorado favorite), Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (craft beer’s experimental sweetheart), and Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (the embodiment of the Colorado small brewing scene).  It was a small event, certainly, especially when each brewery only had two beers to offer, but the beers that they did bring were unique and absolutely delicious.  Besides, a nighttime panoramic view of downtown Denver, courtesy of Amato’s rooftop patio, can make even the biggest Debbie Downer lighten up and enjoy the moment.

Grimm Brothers came to the party with Master Thief—a German porter that’s thick, chocolate-y, and roasted—and Little Red Cap—an altbier with a tart, green apple aroma and a little bitter bite.  Breckenridge featured their yeasty, lemony flagship wheat beer, Agave Wheat, along with their sweet, nutty, and maple-y seasonal Autumn Ale.  Dogfish Head is famous for their experimental style and they did not disappoint.  Their repertoire included Burton Baton, an English-style Old Ale blended with an imperial IPA, and, quite possibly the most distinctive beer I’ve ever tasted, a blended mint stout/raspberry stout called Black & Red.

Participants received six red tickets to trade in for samplers and one white ticket for a full pint.  Since my girlfriend doesn’t guzzle beer at quite the same pace as me, I took some of her tickets and got a lot more samplers of Black & Red simply because it was unlike anything I had ever tasted before.  I saved my white ticket for Master Thief; it’s a solid porter.

Beyond beer, the socializing aspect of the event was top notch.  I schmoozed a bit with the brewery reps, I talked beer with Amato’s staff, and there was plenty of chit-chatting with other event-goers.  I made tentative plans to collaborate with another beer blogger in the near future.

Trick or Beer was a minuscule event but, like I keep telling my girlfriend, size doesn’t matter.  What Trick or Beer lacked in magnitude it made up for in quality: quality of beer, quality of venue, and quality of people.

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