Beer vs Wine Cheese Menu

Next week, Denver off the Wagon heads to Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar for our Beer vs. Wine Cheese Pairing.

You walk in, you get a drink and some cheese. You sit down, you learn about cheese. You stay seated, and get to enjoy 5 courses of cheese, each paired with wine and beer. You vote. You have an awesome time. But first, you buy tickets.

You might just find a few treats not listed here at the event, too.

The Cheeses:

MouCo Camembert


MouCo Camembert is the first cheese that we started producing, with 45 years of family experience of course…..

…..and once you taste it you will know why…

We start by using the best milk that we can find in our area. This means we start making cheese with the freshest milk possible.No artificial colorings, preservatives, or additives are used in the cheese making process of our Camembert, which is all done by hand.

A soft and creamy texture with a hint of tartness will entice you the first few weeks of a young Camembert.Later, more like teenage years, the cheese ripens to a nutty full grown flavor, like teenagers, slightly nutty.As the cheese continues to age it becomes wiser and more complex. Stronger flavors develop and the cheese starts to get a little soft around the middle. (Like me-RP)

We mark each cheese with a date code. If you like the cheese a bit more firm, or maybe a bit more soft, or maybe even….SOFT AND GOOEY, then you can discern this off your individual cheese.

Cypress Grove’s Humboldt Fog


Our signature offering, Humboldt Fog® is an elegant, soft, surface ripened cheese. The texture is creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor. Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of ash under its exterior to give it a distinctive, cake-like appearance. An American Original!

Carr Valley Cheese Co’s Cave Aged Marisa


A cave – aged beauty! This natural-rind variety gets its complex, sweet and slightly rambunctious flavors from open-air cave aging. Cave Aged Marisa has been a judges favorite and was awarded the prestigious “Best of Show” 2nd Place at the 2011 American Cheese Society.

Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River Blue


This hand crafted raw cow’s milk blue veined cheese develops a beautiful natural rind as a result of hand turning and tending the cheese several times a week. The wheels are aged for up to a year in our special rooms which were constructed to simulate the ancient caves in Roquefort, France.

Marin French Cheese Company’s Schloss


With its washed-rind heritage originating in Austria, this tawny, golden brick is full of flavor. Schloss is sharp and slightly pungent with hints of caramel and toasted almonds. Our hand- crafted aging process is what has made this one a cheese lover’s delight since 1901! For those who remember *Liederkranz®, you’ll love Schloss!

Smear- ripened and aged for up to 5 months, this artisan-crafted cheese is a favorite with chefs who appreciate a pungent cheese whose flavor isn’t lost among robust fresh ingredients. Our Schloss has been also awarded “Best American Original” in international competition by the American Cheese Society.

What will our Sommelier and Cicerone pair with these? Will beer or wine win? Better show up to find out.


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