Avery planning to stay in Boulder

A few months ago, we reported on some rumors that Avery was looking to expand, and that the couldn’t find enough land in Boulder to do so. This weekend beernews.org reported that the plans have changed, and Avery is attempting to stick around. The new location would be massive, around 70,000 square feet between the brewery, offices, a restaurant, deck, and gift shop, and would sit across from Asher brewing. The plans are reminiscent of Stone Brewing’s brewery and gardens.

All in all, this is really exciting news. For Boulder, this means even more tourism coming in for the brews. For the area in general, it’s great to see breweries becoming destinations, not just production facilities.

There is some objection to the planned location, specifically due to it’s proximity to a school. There’s a hearing tentatively set for December 1st. We’ll let you know how that goes.

For more information, please check out beernews.org’s report: http://beernews.org/2011/10/avery-brewing-planning-to-stay-put-in-boulder/.

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