Arvada Beer Company opens to the public

Many months ago, my girlfriend and I were walking through Olde Town Arvada on our way to our weekly Geeks Who Drink trivia contest at the D-Note.  Along the way we passed by a stately but vacant brick building on the corner of Old Wadsworth and Grandview.  “This place would make for a great craft brewery venue,” I casually remarked; it is an attractive old building, it has big windows for showing off the brewing equipment, and it is located in Olde Town Aravada which is void of any craft breweries.  Call it coincidence, call it divine intervention, call it intellectual theft via high-tech listening devices, but only a few weeks since my off-handed comment passed when it was announced that Arvada Beer Company would be moving into the spot.

Arvada Beer Company’s (ABC) grand, public opening was on Friday, October 28th and, because neither I, my girlfriend, nor my two beer geek friends have been to a brewery on its first day of operation, we made it a point to attend. The first challenge of the night was making a path through the throngs of costumed revelers that had descended upon Olde Town Arvada for the neighborhood’s Halloween extravaganza. We dodged mini-monsters and tractor-powered hayrides until we finally made it to the front door of ABC.  Look out, kids, the adults need to get their candy, too.

The inside of ABC was as crowded as the streets outside, which is a good sign for the brewery; it would have been kind of sad if your brewery’s grand opening was as well attended as the birthday party of that smelly, weird kid you knew in middle school.  However, it would have been nice to have had the time and space to chat with the owner and get some exclusive information but, between serving the masses and brewing the next batch, he seemed a bit preoccupied.

ABC currently has four beers on tap: a golden lager with a dry finish and a sweet, grainy flavor; a brown ale with whiffs of toffee and flavors akin to a bowl of mixed nuts; a porter that smells of chocolate and coffee and tastes slightly of maple syrup; and a piney, grassy IPA with a mild bite.  There were a lot of unused tap handles behind the bar, so I suspect they will have many more offerings in the near future.

I already mentioned how great a space ABC has, but I didn’t realize until I was in the tasting room that it is connected via a back hallway to Manneken Frites, a gourmet French fry shop.  Even better, Manneken Frites serves ABC customers in the tasting room.  Eating fries with spicy chipotle mayo and washing it down with Colorado’s newest craft beer?  No, it does not get any better.

Since it is so close to my weekly pub trivia venue, I’m sure I will be stopping by ABC many more times to see how it grows, evolves, and establishes itself in this region’s already prestigious craft brewing scene.  I look forward to seeing and drinking what they come up with next.

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