Announcing International Stout Day

Chances are you were guzzling down the hop juice on August 4th with IPA Day (#IPAday). Now you have a second chance to take some more gulps and celebrate all that is beer. On November 3rd, the social networks are pushing out the first International Stout Day.  Bars and breweries alike are counting down the days for Stout Day in Philly, NY, San Diego, Portland, Denver and L.A.

November 3rd has officially been proclaimed International Stout Day. It’s been announced by Erin Peters, the founder of the Stout Day movement as well as the new website,  Peters is also the popular beer blogger known as The Beer Goddess.  November 3rd was chosen since it was decided that the day should be a crisp and cool day — perfect weather for everyone to fully enjoy a few dark pints.  It’s also right after Halloween so spiced foods and beers will be available, which pair very well with malty, rich stouts.

Beer is an integral part of the lives of many communities. There is a growing trend where breweries use local foods and spices that are indigenous to their area.  These ingredients are grown in that community.  It may sound like a throwback to a time of old, but it is an idea that seems to have been lost throughout the years and Stout Day is rejoicing in that comeback.

“I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of celebrating a beer style or local area,” said Peters.  “Just like vineyards tell the story of the people, the weather, the land and its history, beer, too, tells a story of the land, of the people and of the brewers.”

Having a day dedicated to a beer style really has just accelerated the excitement in the craft brew circles as more learn about the intrigue regarding its history and the variety that the craft beer industry has to offer.  Every beer has its own character.  The camaraderie of the brewers, the industry and cities that get together to celebrate the craft of beer is what International Stout Day is all about.  Families and friends have been sharing stories and creating a sense of community over beer for centuries, and is just another way to celebrate and share Stout lovers’ stories in a more open way, everywhere!  The power of the Internet has made this possible.

At, readers can register for the site and find out about exciting events being held in their area.  Bars and Breweries are able to create an account and inform everyone of what they are doing to celebrate International Stout Day.  As the International Stout Day followers grow, the site will grow with them, adding more and more information and news, year after year.

To support International Stout Day, Stout lovers worldwide can visit the official Facebook page at, follow Stout Day on Twitter @stoutday or register at  Fans should tweet about #StoutDay (using the hashtag) on and around November 3rd and share what they are drinking or even brewing!

For more information about the official International Stout Day on November 3rd or The Beer Goddess, please visit or


So mark it down in your calendars and let’s go share a pint on November 3rd.  Cheers!

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