Beer for Boobs Brunch raises almost $2,500

“A cup of coffee. Please.” I pleaded with Allie, my server.  “Oh, and a beer, too.”  It sounded risky, booking a ticket for an event at 9:30 Friday morning, the day after GABF kicked off.  But I figured it was for the boobies, a great cause, and a good way to support a friend of mine.  So what the heck.

It was the perfect decision to head to Beer for Boobs brunch at Freshcraft.  I shuffled up to the barstools, perched on a seat, and silently enjoyed my coffee as I sat with my Wagon comrades.  We were all clearing the fog from the previous night. After the second cup of coffee (and the fourth sip of my Ska Brewing/Freshcraft collaboration ale, the Forniskator), I felt human. It also helped the see the support for Ladies of Craft Beer and the cause for such an event.

We bought our raffle tickets, queued up for breakfast burritos and chicken and waffles and mingled with our fellow industry supporters.  Next year, I recommend you book this one.  There’s nothing else going on that morning and you’ll be glad to make it out just to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  You may also get the chance to touch Stevie Caldorola’s boobs.

More info from Stevie (from their site,

BIG thanks to all who came out and supported the National Breast Cancer Foundation by attending our Beer for Boobs Brunch this year! Not only was the event a blast, but we raised a total of $2,409 to donate for breast cancer awareness. How awesome is that?! It’s all due to you- so again, thank you, for supporting women and craft beer.


Do you have a story/pictures/video that you would like to share with us about your experience at the Beer for Boobs Brunch? Please email me and we’ll put together a post sharing all of your experiences!

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  • Sam

    A worthy cause, congratulations! It’s great to look at creative people in Denver and how they contribue to worthwhile causes. It’s gives us some great ideas for how our company can do more. Thanks for the post, Jess.