Combier Liqueur d’Orange launches in the Colorado Market

Yesterday, Colt & Gray hosted the Colorado launch of Liqueur d’Orange.  Tommy Klus, cocktail nerd/genius, Bar Manager of Portland’s Kask, and overall rockstar of all things spirits and scotch, paired up with Curt Goldman of Cadre Noir Imports to introduce Combier Liqueur d’ Orange to top Denver bars and tasters.

Combier, the world’s first triple sec, originated in Saumur, a village in the Loire Valley, France (south of Paris) in 1834.  And they continue much of their distilling practices today.  By using copper pot stills and baking the orange peels on the rooftop, as Klus romanticized, Combier is a unique product.  Here’s a little bit more about what’s in the glass:

The original Combier process begins with the preparation of bitter Haitian oranges and sweet Valencia oranges, the peels of which are carefully separated from the zest, by hand – a very tedious, time consuming process. The stripped peels are blended and combined with a base spirit of agricultural origin that is prepared through the first distillation.

This base spirit is rectified to perfection (96% ABV), its congener-free purity equivalent to the finest vodkas. The natural oils from the fruit are extracted through the maceration over time, following which the second distillation is conducted in 100+ year-old copper pot stills. Only the heart of the second distillation is kept, and that fraction is rectified through a third distillation, to further enhance and refine the perfume.

This results in a true triple sec, which calls for three separate distillations. To that, a careful douceur of natural sugar is added to soften the complex orange aromas, and the finished liqueur is then reduced to 40% ABV and bottled.

Each bottle of Combier is produced, packaged, and shipped from the same location since the 19th century.

After sipping this stuff, it’s certainly one to request at your favorite cocktail bars.  Trust me.

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