Denver Whiskey Club October Event

Those crazy cats over at the Denver Whiskey Club are up to some shenanigans this month, calling the event “Whiskey in Disguise.”  The only information they are offering is time, date, location, and cost (8:00pm, October 18th, Scruffy Murphy’s, $10, respectively).  That’s all we get.

So I suppose we shall just show up expecting a good whiskey related time as per usual!  To RSVP for the event head over to the club’s Groupspaces page.  See your lovely faces there!


About Bess Dougherty

Bess Dougherty's life revolves around hooch. By day she has the pleasure of making beer. At night this dame can often be found sipping whiskey and beer around town. This bearcat is also an avid homebrewer. Yar.

  • Mike

    Boo – already have plans tomorrow night. I shall make it to one of your events eventually – I swear.