A sneak peek at Wynkoop’s Beers of the Year

There’s one thing for sure: Wynkoop knows how to throw a party.  I mean, our Governor used to work there.  So it’s no wonder that they have some big headliners, reserve listers, and some hush-hush advanced sips of The Chancellor (single malt, single hop, barrel-aged strong ale that they’ve been aging in whiskey barrels since it was brewed in January).  Sounds like a grand time.

Beers of the Year 2011, Oct. 22 from 1-4:30 PM, upstairs at Wynkoop Brewing Company.  Tickets are $25 in advance and available at www.wynkoop.com . Day-of-show tickets are $30 at the door.  Advance ticket buyers are entered into a drawing for two pairs of tickets to Wynkoop’s December 3rd Parade of Darks holiday/dark beer tasting and fundraiser for local food pantry Metro CareRing.

Beers of the Year 2011 Beer List:

  1. Barley Wine 2009
  2. Barley Wine 2010
  3. Barley Wine 2011
  4. The Chancellor
  5. Belgorado Terroir #1
  6. Belgorado Terroir #2
  7. Skull & Crossbones Black IPA
  8. The Coupler
  9. Mister Fister Double IPA
  10. Hickenlooper’s Inaugurale
  11. Metacool Maltuwanna
  12. The Obamanator
  13. Frambozen Barrel-Aged Quadruppel
  14. Sagebrush Stout
  15. Rooftop Honey Saison
  16. Bill’s Strong Scotch Ale
  17. Western Slope Hard Cider
  18. Orville
  19. Drunken Pumpkin
  20. Coconut Milk Stout Firkin
  21. Rail Yard Ale
  22. Cowtown Milk Stout
  23. Silverback Pale Ale
  24. B3K Black Lager
  25. Light Rail Organic Ale
  26. Mile HiPA
  27. Wixa Weiss
  28. Two Guns Pilsner
  29. St Charles ESB
  30. London Calling IPA
  31. Patty’s Chile Beer


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