In Other News

A few things we’ve been reading this week:

Real Estate at the bar
An important conversation about how one should comport themselves when drinking in crowded bars. Or, why occupying a stool at a bar while drinking free water is uncool.


MolsonCoors (Canada) launches craft brewing division called 6 Pints
We’ll see what happens here. AC Golden has been doing some great things in the Coors Brewery in Golden, but a lot of other attempts at this have produced some awful results.


World’s largest hop supplier to open a pilot brewery
Sort of a cool idea. It’s hard to know what a hop will do in your beer before you try it out. Haas will now have a way to showcase those effects.


Anheuser-Busch to invest $1B in US operations
It’s interesting to see where the money goes when you have a lot of it.


Milk Stout Nitro: Left Hand Brewing becomes the first U.S. craft brewer to bottle a nitro beer
Left Hand put a nitro stout in a bottle. And there’s no fancy plastic gadget in the bottle!


The Wine Maker’s Elixer
Adding liquid tannins for flavor and.. agebility? Frankenwine!


Got any links to share with us, or thoughts on these? You know where the comments are.

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