Ignite Denver Off The Wagon – A Boozin’ Good Time

Great American Beer Festival is no stranger to beer events a’plenty, just as Denver Off The Wagon writers (and readers) are no strangers to drinking beer a’plenty. Combine the two, along with a kick-ass Denver event called Ignite Denver, and you’ve got yourself a bomber (or 5) of a good time.

As part of GABF week, The Wagon made it our mission to kick off the celebrations Wagon-style (What? We didn’t promise that we Wagoneers wouldn’t be loud and on stage chugging Modus Hoperandi). We snagged seven brave beer-industry pros (who just-so-happened to be in Denver for GABF) to present alongside our eight brave Denver booze connoisseurs for a night of hilarity and possibly too many toasts to the end of Prohibition (hey, suck it!). We had amazing sponsors who helped make the event possible: Star Bar, Total Beverage and Rackhouse Pub; and several beer sponsors who kept our crowd giggling: Ska, Great Divide, Renegade, Odell and Colorado Cider. A sold-out crowd packed the Sherman Street Events Center on Wednesday, September 28 for what hopefully will be a yearly tradition to kick off GABF–or Beer Christmas, whatever you want to call it.


Below, find each of the videos from the first-annual Ignite Denver Off The Wagon:

Nick Nunns – Beer and Metal


D.T. Pennington – How Liquor Can Help Writing Become Timeless


Sara Downey – Beer Makes Me a Better Mommy. Wait. Who’s THAT Baby?


Tim Davids – How I Lost a Bunch of Weight (and Also the Ability to Do Anything Fun, Ever)


Josh Mishell – Good Beer and Good Marketing are Not Mutually Exclusive!


Chris Rippe – Hey Prohibition, Suck It


Chris Washenberger – Distillation And Why I Love It


Jonathan Shikes – Big Beers, Barleywines and Being Blitzed


Thomas Kolicko – Director, Beer Culture


Rick Lyke – Founder, Pints for Prostates – Pints for Prostates


Jace Milstead – Sales Rep / Revolutionary, Firestone Walker – Someone Give Me a Show About Beer


Amanda Johnson – Marketing and Branding Manager, Odell Brewing – Beer Play


Ashley Routson – a.k.a. The Beer Wench – I heart #hashtags


Dave Thibodeau – President, Ska Brewing – Beer, Career, and Fate in 5


Greg Koch – CEO, Stone Brewing – Environmental Righteousness!



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