Great Divide’s Expanded Tap Room: Bigger, Better, Beerier

In all the craziness of GABF, the news of Great Divide’s expanded Tap Room was only one of a million big stories. However, it’s finally here! The Tap Room expansion added 450 square feet of swilling space and will be a welcome addition to a previously oft-cramped bar. As the cold weather approaches, the extra space will provide solace for those looking to warm up with a pint of Hibernation.

The new addition features high tables, long bench seating and plenty of standing room. Large picture windows allow patrons to watch the brewers turn water into beer and give a rare view of a working brewhouse. The Tap Room expansion also features a self-serve water tap.

The original Tap Room will remain open and its 16-tap state-of-the-art system will serve both spaces. Patrons will be able to enjoy the same award-winning beers on tap but, with the new space, they’ll have a bit more room to stretch out. Growlers, beer to go, and merchandise will also still be available to bar-goers as well.

The Tap Room is open from 2-8pm Sunday-Tuesday and 2-10pm Wednesday-Saturday. Swing by, grab a pint and check it out for yourself!



About Hanna Laney

Hanna Laney is that middle space in the Venn diagram between grammarian, beer geek and miniature horse aficionado. You can find her tweeting and Facebook-ing for Great Divide Brewing Company and staying around after hours to enjoy a couple cold ones. She will happily discuss picayune details related to the Portland Trail Blazers franchise with anyone silly enough to listen.