CSU College of Business creates Beverage Business Institute. Read: Beer School

We just got a happy little email from Marty over at Wynkoop, talking about the two bronze medals they took home this weekend (Belgorado and B3K). Congrats, Wynkoop! At the end of this happy little email was a quick mention about a Beer Major at CSU. And no, not in the traditional sense of “I went to college and drank a lot of beer and got a degree” that we all have. They’re offering a certificate in Beverage Business Management, Brewing Operations Management, and Wholesale Distribution Management, as well as an M.B.A., with a specialization in beverage management.

This is an awesome resource, especially in Colorado where so much beer is crafted and consumed.

More information on the program can be found on the CSU Business School site under Beverage Business Institute.

Here’s their full release:

The Colorado State University College of Business has launched the Beverage Business Institute, which will provide specialized management education and research geared to the beverage industry.

In addition to workshops, the BBI will offer certificate programs in Beverage Business Management, Brewing Operations Management, and Wholesale Distribution Management, as well as an M.B.A., with a specialization in beverage management. Courses will be delivered regionally and online to reach industry professionals locally and throughout the world.

Courses will address beverage operations, wholesaling, and distribution, among other topics. The BBI also will focus on beverage and brewing industry research and develop a comprehensive database of industry metrics. The institute also will work with the brewing industry to conduct research and education designed to reduce alcohol abuse on college campuses.

“In my 30 years of management experience in the alcohol beverage industry, one of the most commonly asked questions has been regarding the availability of targeted beverage industry educational opportunities,” says Greg Hopkins, president of Tamarron Consulting.

In the past, Hopkins recommended a generalized education and advised students to apply the information to the beverage business. “Finally, with the development of the BBI, I will be able to direct customers and colleagues to a unique, industry-specific learning environment that blends the classroom with the real world of beverage management,” he says.

The beer industry employs more than 20,000 people throughout Colorado, and Northern Colorado boasts more microbrew and craft breweries per capita than almost any other region of the country. The region provides “an incredible supply” of industry talent, says John Hoxmeier, associate dean of graduate programs for the CSU College of Business.

“We saw an opportunity to combine the supply chain, finance, and entrepreneurship expertise of College of Business faculty, the know-how of Colorado brewers and distributors, and the talents of CSU strategic partner Coca-Cola to the benefit of the beverage industry,” says Hoxmeier.

James Francis, founder and director of CSU’s Center for Professional Development and Business Research and the Institute of Transportation Management, will serve as director of the institute. Francis, former chair of the College of Business’ Department of Management, has owned and operated two small businesses and has been an organization development officer in a Fortune 100 firm.

The institute’s founding sponsors include Coca-Cola, American Eagle Distributing Co., Colorado Beer Distributors Association, High Country Distributors, New Belgium Brewery, Odell Brewing Co., Stolle Machinery, and Tamarron Consulting.

Learn more about the CSU Beverage Business Institute.


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  • Ryan

    This is incredible. If Denver wants to be a beverage mecca in the US, this is exactly what they need. With all of the craft distilleries and breweries, and incredible bars and restaurants with outstanding wine list, education has always been the key. Great to see the state investing in stepping it up and I look forward to being part of the original generation of students.