GABF Late-Night Eats

Greasy Pizza

Greasy Pizza, by stephenyeargin on Flickr

So, it’s late and you’re drunk from trying 80+ beers. And you’re hungry. Typical night, except for the amount of beer you drank in 1 oz portions, and it’s possible you may be in a strange city. No need to fret, the Wagon has you covered. There are a few places in Denver that will satisfy a drunken craving for gravy and greasy cuisine to ease the hangover you will most certainly end up with anyway. Here is a list of our favorite late night places to stuff your face:

Listed by proximity to the festival. Directions listed are walking directions unless otherwise noted, because you should definitely be walking or cabbing as a hungry drunk person.

See them all on a map

Remember to eat, but drinking is way more important!

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