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From all over the interwebs, right to your face, here are some things we’ve been reading this week:

Five ways to freshen up GABF
Jonathan Shikes of the Westword gives some thoughts on making GABF better.

The Case for Low Mileage Beer
A look at keeping it local, rather than shipping across the country.

Utah tightens liquor laws
As if the liquor laws weren’t tough enough, Utah has made it even more interesting. For example, the making of a drink must be out of sight of bar patrons.

PBR sells for $44 a bottle in China
Granted, it’s cask aged and all that..

Firestone Walker Brewmaster discusses XV Anniversary Ale
A delicious mix of many amazing components, Firestone Walker Anniversary Ales are always special. Some more detail on the how and why and what.

Oktoberfest 2011
Some great photos from Oktoberfest.

How to boost your wifi signal with a beer can
No explanation needed.

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