Colorado Brewed: Ska Mexican Logger Mexican Style Lager

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Mexican lager in terms of beer style, means little to me. A pretty sunshine colored lager. A distant cousin of the Bohemian pilsner. Or perhaps a beer proudly brewed with maize. I’m sure there exists a specific Brewers Association or BJCP (Beer Judge Certificate Program) description of Mexican lager somewhere. But let’s be honest, the number of people that are familiar with those is minimal.

To most beer drinkers, myself included, Mexican lager is ordinarily defined by a handful of major brands. Corona and Corona Light being the most prevalent and consumed. Others like Pacifico, Bohemia, Dos Equis, Sol, Tecate, Estrella and the various Modelo varieties following somewhere behind.

As the American craft beer business continues to grow, so too does the appetite to brew well beyond the expected craft categories of pales, ambers, stouts, IPAs, blondes and browns. I’ve discussed in this column before the increasing appearance of breweries who intend to focus almost exclusively on specific fringe, niche or historic beer styles. As it happens, Denver is home to what is possibly the country’s only brewery specializing in Mexican style beers – Del Norte Brewing Co. More on them in a future column.

It’s not just craft brewing start ups that are expanding their horizons and exploring what the craft beer market will support. Ska Brewing is well known throughout the region for their eclectic portfolio of bottles and colorful cans. The latest addition to Ska’s line up of cans is the wittily named beer called Mexican Logger Mexican style lager. A long time favorite at Ska, Mexican Logger reappeared in the summer of 2010 as a seasonal after a six year absence. For summer 2011, the beer made the jump to cans.

Mexican Logger is squeaky clean in mouthfeel and immediately quenching, both mandates for Mexican style lagers designed to be quaffed ice bucket cold on sweltering hot days. Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat and Cheerios cereal flavors are ever present, especially on the finish. There is an underlying lime flavor and aroma to the beer. A subtle nod perhaps to that wedge of lime pushed into the neck of Corona bottles at bars around the world.

Pair Ska Mexican Logger with steak, dirty rice dishes, ceviches, stuffed poblano peppers, fried plantains, salads, jalapeno poppers, simple fried fish dishes, tacos, burritos, moles, enchiladas, beef, green or veggie chili, tortilla chips and salsa.


  • Brewed in Colorado by: Ska Brewing Company, 225 Girard Street, Durango, CO 81301
  • Beer style: Mexican Lager
  • ABV: 4.2%
  • IBU: 18
  • Hops: Tettnanger, Saaz
  • Grains: American Two-Row, Carapils, Vienna, Light Munich Malts, Wheat
  • Special ingredients: ?

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  • Josh Rapp

    This beer definitely re-defined the style for me. I’d love to see it replace the ESB in their mix pack! Not to hate on the ESB but the logger is just better 🙂

  • Lee Williams

    Josh – Or! How about 3x of each in the mixed pack?! That would rock.

    • Josh Rapp

      oh man, that’s an even better idea!

      • Lee Williams