Tap Hunter’s GABF After-Party

As if there wasn’t enough going on during GABF already, here’s another party (two actually) you’re going to want to look into.  Tap Hunter is throwing two parties the Thursday and Friday of GABF at Renegade Brewing Co. and Star Bar respectively.  Best of all, if you RSVP early you’re entitled to $1 craft beers… $1!  Here is the release info from Tap Hunter:

The festival which ends at a relatively early 10p.m. will overflow into two exclusive parties

thrown by Tap Hunter which are sure to become legendary. To get one-dollar craft beers at the  most exclusive VIP Party events after the festival, keep reading.

  • The after parties will be a mix of beer gurus, judges, newcomers, business owners’, brewers, and people who just plain love good, craft-beer. These parties will be fun, packed, and filled with festival big-wigs. Make sure to be on the list before they fill up.
  • To get “on the list”, RSVP via the form below. The first three hundred people to RSVP will get $1 craft beer, compliments of Tap Hunter, the developers of the craft-beer finding application.
  •  The party sponsor, Tap Hunter’s mobile technology platform tells you what’s on tap and where from your computer or mobile device … and hey, isn’t that why you bought a smart-phone in the first place? See you there, and make sure to get on the VIP LIST.

Thursday’s party details:

Friday’s party details:

So, yeah… you should probably RSVP to this.  Soon.

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