We went to GABF last night, and found some booths you should check out

The Wagon was represented hard last night at GABF. There were about 10 writers present, and we drank the place dry. You know, with the help of a few thousand people.  And now we’re here to pass our tips, obsessions, and repeat rounds with you for the Friday night session: One unanimous beloved brewery: DEHSTILE.  […]

Weekend off the Wagon – GABF Edition (9/30-10/2)

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday I’ll be honest, this Weekend off the Wagon is not going to be complete. We’re.. a bit beer soaked right now. Beer drenched. Beer.. monsooned. But there’s still some fun to be had this weekend! And the weather remains beautiful. Here’s a few ideas to get […]

Pink Boots Society

Wouldn’t it just be swell if there were an organization of women in the beer industry who’s goal was to encourage women to enjoy, learn about, and make beer?  Oh that’s right, there is and its called the Pink Boots Society. I recently had the pleasure of a conversation with Teri Fahrendorf, the president and […]

Eating pretzels off a stranger’s neck? Check. (DO’s and DON’Ts for Great American Beer Festival)

by Julia Yugel, Lisa Bongiovanni, and Jess Hunter The Great American Beer Festival is this weekend and the level of happiness this inspires in us is more than Christmas, Disney World, and finding a basket of puppies on our doorstep combined. The festival falls right after Oktoberfest and coincides with Denver Beer Week,  which means […]

GABF Taps Around Town

What is better than GABF? I am inclined to say the parties, rare beer tappings around the city, and perhaps praline bacon. You may or may not be going to the festival, so pay close attention if you belong to the latter. And if you are going, you should probably read this too. Beer nerds […]

“Other” Things to do at GABF

So you’re hanging out, having a great time at GABF and it hits you… you need to take a break.  It’s ok, don’t beat yourself up.  It happens to the best of us.  Better to step aside for a few than participate in the amateur-hour puke fest so often seen by those pesky kids who’s […]

GABF Late-Night Eats

So, it’s late and you’re drunk from trying 80+ beers. And you’re hungry. Typical night, except for the amount of beer you drank in 1 oz portions, and it’s possible you may be in a strange city. No need to fret, the Wagon has you covered. There are a few places in Denver that will […]

Colorado Brewed: Tommyknocker Pumpkin Harvest Ale and Crabtree Chunkin Pumpkin Ale

Each Wednesday in this column I post my insights about one of the thousands of beers brewed in the great state of Colorado. Feel free to shoot me an email with your suggestions of Colorado beers you’d like me to feature – Lee Williams at hoptopia@gmail.com – or leave your ideas in the comments. It’s […]

Meet the Brewers – Renegade Brewing Co.

Renegade Brewing Co. is another newcomer to the Denver craft beer scene.  Located in the Santa Fe Arts District, they opened a little over three months ago to very positive reviews.  In that time they’ve already taken home 2 medals at the Colorado State Fair (silver and bronze).  If you’re in the mood for big, […]

GABF: The Checklist

I woke up on Monday and jumped outta bed.  Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was stoked for Great American Beer Festival (GABF) week.  And it’s not because of the beer, which it’s great, truly.  Don’t get me wrong, this is about beer.  And that’s just it.  Friends are coming from across the country […]

A janitor’s advice on Classic Cocktails: Daiquiri Time Out

The British Royal Navy mandated in 1740 that every member be given a ration of Grog in 1740.  It was necessary to keep morale high and scurvy at bay. By 1795 the recipe for Grog included Rum, Lime or Lemon juice, and sugar.  The Navy brought this recipe throughout all of their voyages through the […]

Black Shirt Brewing launches Kickstarter Campaign

Black Shirt Brewing – the small new Red ale brewery family affair – just launched their Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a social funding site that has helped launch many, many companies. Recently, breweries looking to get going have started using the service. I first learned about breweries using Kickstarter when Wilderness Brewing in Kansas tried […]

Two Scoops of Beer {Ice Cream}, Please!

Sweet Action Ice Cream has been a Denver institution since opening in March of 2009.  Located on Broadway, owners Chia Basinger and Samantha Kopicko have always done their best to keep their menu interesting, which includes flavors like Roasted Green Chile, Pocky Red Bean, Earl Grey, and Vegan Coffee & Doughnuts.  For the past 3 years, […]

Big Beer Crawl – GABF style – Tuesday night

GABF is upon us, and in our “We were never on the wagon in the first place” fashion, we’re going to kick it off right. If you like beer and good company then join us tomorrow to make the most of your Tuesday night! We’ve got a beer crawl tomorrow, Tuesday, the 27th of September, […]

Beer Porn of the Week — Renegade Brewing Ryeteous Rye IPA

Renegade Brewing Co. – Ryeteous Rye IPA   [We’ll share some beer porn every Monday to get your week started off right. Have some of your own? Leave a link in the comments!]

Monday Morning Blues – Luther Allison – Little Red Rooster

Let’s start the week off right. With some blues. Leave your Monday Morning Blues suggestions in the comments. Have a good week!

GABF – All Events

This list of events is a work in progress. It’s going to be cleaner and more organized very, very soon. If you know of an event not listed here, or see something that looks wrong, please email us at info@denveroffthewagon.com. You can also see this as a calendar view on our Google Calendar (tip: click […]

Weekend off the Wagon: September 23-25

Weekend off the Wagon in your inbox, every Friday Denver Beer Week starts today, ushering in GABF and a host of other activities. It’s also Oktoberfest season. And, well, it’s Denver, so there’s a ton going on anyway. The weather is beautiful, so get out there and enjoy it! Here’s a few ideas for your […]

The Rise of the Fifth Horseman Saison – A Denver Beer Co. Collaboration

By Justin Lloyd, Ryan Conklin, Kevin Burke, Josh Rapp, Chris Rippe, Charlie Berger, Patrick Crawford, and Casey Capper One of the most amazing aspects of the craft brewing industry is the level of camaraderie, support, and respect among the brewers and individual breweries.  They will often lend a hand, share expertise, pitch in to help, […]

In other news

From all over the interwebs, right to your face, here are some things we’ve been reading this week: Five ways to freshen up GABF Jonathan Shikes of the Westword gives some thoughts on making GABF better. The Case for Low Mileage Beer A look at keeping it local, rather than shipping across the country. Utah […]