Grimm Brothers Sooty Brother release on Friday

Grimm Brothers Brewing in Loveland has a beer release this Friday. They’re releasing a Grätzer called Sooty Brother, which sounds delicious. Have you been to the Grimm Brothers tap room? What do you think?

Full details:

Grätzer is another lost style,  this beer originated in Poland and was a wheat and pilsner based beer that had an intense smoke aroma and flavor from smoking the malt over oak. In addition to the smoke the beer was bitter and had a pronounced hop flavor and aroma.

Grimm Brothers has developed Sooty Brother in a similar fashion. Sooty Brother is composed of Wheat and Pilsner malt which has been smoked over oak and cherry wood. (Thank you Bottle Cap Bar-B-Que)   Hopped with Noble German hops to give us a beer that has an intense smoke flavor accompanied by the floral bouquet of the hops.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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