Ignite Denver Off the Wagon – Sneak Preview

Denver off the Wagon is going to have no shortage of awesome events going on around GABF. You know we love to party, and we always share the love!

One of our big events is a team-up with Ignite Denver to present Ignite Denver off the Wagon – an evening of boozy learning! Mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, September 28th, cause that’s when this jam’s slated to kick off. More details on the venue and where to buy tickets are coming soon.

If you’re not familiar with Ignite, it’s a great event where people get up in front of a big ol’ audience and share something they’re passionate about in 5 minutes over automatically advancing slides. You can see a great example of this in action here.

Submissions for speakers is open now. Want to talk about your love of homebrewing? Care to drop some science on some of your favorite cocktails? History lesson to share? Distillers, brewers, drinkers, mixers, chefs, drunks and enthusiasts are all welcome to speak. Submit your talk today, here.

And just to tease you a little more, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: we’ve got some big celebs on the bill, but we’re not ready to name any names just yet. We’ll just put this right here and let the guessing commence.

About Nick Nunns

Nick loves two things above all others: Beer and heavy metal. He's the owner and brewer at the soon-to-open TRVE Brewing Company. If you get him drunk enough, he will probably raise a toast to a Norse god.

  • http://www.bigmargaritacrawl.com Mike

    Are tickets still available for this – either I’m a little slow or you can’t get em on the website?

    • http://nicknunns.com Nick Nunns

      Hey Mike,
      Tickets aren’t on sale just yet. We’ll post on here when they’re available.

      • http://www.bigmargaritacrawl.com Mike

        You (assuming you are them) should update the website – it tells users to BUY TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!! but you can’t buy any


        • http://nicknunns.com Nick Nunns

          Thanks for bringing that to our attention Mike. I’ve let the Ignite Denver folks know.

  • http://focusonthebeer.com ericmsteen

    I know Stone Greg is that top photo…

    • http://nicknunns.com Nick Nunns


  • http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com/ Dave Butler

    I recognize the Beer Wench.