A Look at the Colorado Beer Map

Living in a premier beer state like Colorado does have its drawbacks.

With close to 150 breweries, it’s easy to lose track track of them and even drive right past one without knowing it. Another beer opportunity lost.

Ok so it’s not a bad problem to have, but why not get a guide to help you navigate Colorado’s vast beer landscape?

You need The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado.

The people at TBDGTC were kind enough to provide us with one to check out.

On one side it’s a map with every Colorado brewery and brewpub. With the 5th edition, there are 142 total locations.

On the other side there are additional goodies for the Colorado beer nut:

  • Beer education: style notes, flavor descriptors, beer glasses, etc.
  • Detailed brewery info: tours, hours, growlers, tasters, drive times
  • Random CO info: 14er list, ski resorts, landmarks

There’s really a ton packed into it.

I’ve seen the map many times at the liquor store as I’m sure you have too. I never gave much thought to buying one, but now I see why people were always talking about it. It really is a great resource.

The map is also bigger than I expected, as you can see in the picture with the happy beer drinker.

If the $13 is holding you back, here’s what I think is the best part of the guide and really justifies the purchase: the coupon book.

They state that there is a $150 in coupons but those claims are always a little abstract to me so let me list a few of them:

  • 20% off entire homebrew puchase at The Brew Hut (Cha-Ching!)
  • 2 free half pints at Bull & Bush
  • $2 Oskar Blues beer glass
  • Free beer at places like Dry Dock, Elk Mountain, Durango Brewing, Bristol Brewing, and more

So the next time you’re buying booze and see one next to the register – pick it up. You won’t regret it.

About Billy Broas

Billy Broas is beer guy – drinking it, making it, and writing about it. He publishes a beer blog at BillyBrew.com and runs an online course that teaches people how to homebrew, called The Homebrew Academy.