Euclid Hall steps into its birthday suit and parties

One thing we know for certain: Euclid Hall knows how to throw a birthday party.

Sean and I stepped up to the door to get our names checked, our TSA scan done, and for our pink bracelets to get slapped on.  We didn’t know that later in the night, we’d be chasing goldfish through a straw with our fake fu manchu moustaches and pushing down 2×4 blocks of wood.  But more on that later.


Tuesday night, August 9th, Euclid Hall gathered ’round to celebrate turning one.  And in the past year at Euclid Hall, they’ve been busy.  Busy as in cranking out sausages, employing a Certified Cicerone and snagging one of Denver’s startenders, building their reputation as a respected Denver restaurant while jumping into the beer pool head first with the likes of Falling Rock and Freshcraft.  And they’ve done it with flying colors.  They’ve received in their one year of existence, Westword’s Best New Restaurant, Best Late-Night Menu, Best Rising Star Chef and readers’ choice for Best Bottled Beer List and Best New American Restaurant, labeled a Carnivore’s Palace by Denver Post, including some as-yet-to-be-published awards from Playgirl Magazine, Finest Vegan Cheese Selection, and with the recent addition of Sean Kenyon, Euclid Hall has cornered the moustache market for men and women alike.  Okay, so the last three aren’t true, but you should check out their trophy case.

So back to the party.  Immediately upon entering the enclave, chef’s boudin noir and kielbasa sausages we’re dropped in front of us.  We rolled up our sleeves, snagged pint(s) from the nearby beer tables from Boulevard and Great Divide, and dug into their oyster bar, sampled the fried codfish, picked off the chicken and waffles, and demolished the ramekins filled with cheese curds.  Let the meat sweats begin.  Boulevard was pouring a White IPA as well as their unfiltered wheat; Great Divide was rocking with their Belgian-Style Yeti, Hoss, and Hercules.  Not to mention, there may or may not have been a Yeti appearance.

Besides the sips and noms, the games were a blast.  It was the perfect adult birthday party equipped a big Jenga game, Goldfish Races (later in the night, the loser had to eat the fish), flame tossers, and a DJ spinning his tracks. With the numerous sausage balloons, Euclid Hall would be remiss to not have a sausage cranking out weiners for the guests.  The highlight, and certainly owning their title as the Carnivore’s Palace, was the breakdown of a gorgeous 230-pound hog from Tender Belly Farm.  But why say more?  Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Happy birthday, Euclid Hall.

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