Ya Blew It – March of Dimes MUDD Volleyball

This year was my third time attending the March of DimesMUDD Volleyball tournament courtesy of my girlfriend’s employer Location3 Media, and I gotta say, if you didn’t make it out for it, ya blew it.

This year marked the 28th year of the messy event. The event is held in an open field attached to the Majestic Commerce Center out past the airport. March of Dimes makes over $200,000 annually in donations for “healthy babies” – a phrase which never ceases to creep my out for some reason – through this event, with over 300 teams participating in over 50 courts.

Why are we writing about this in the wagon? Coors graciously donates a boatload of beer to the event, and all sales proceeds go towards the MoD’s cause, which results in most of the people there being hammered (added to minor cases of sunstroke) by the end of the day. Steuben’s and Biker Jim’s were on the scene this year serving up some grub for everyone.


  • Lots of people having a really great time
  • REALLY great weather this year
  • Seeing the Aurora Police Department’s foot patrollers with muddy handprints on their butts and chests
  • the best shower of your life when you get home


  • The shower line at the end of the day is basically a mile long. Bring an extra gallon of water or a camp shower to rinse with when you’re done
  • The beer selection obviously is not great
  • People taking the game a little too seriously

Try not to miss this one next year. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to face off against a Denver off the Wagon Team if I can convince the rest of the writers to get muddy!

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