Bristol Batch 6000

So Bristol turned 16 last year and in the business of making really good brew, they’re continuing that tradition in their release–and pairing dinner–of Batch 6000.  Here’s an excerpt of their story:

Finally last year, after 16 and a half years in business, as our auspicious 6000th batch approached, Mike [Bristol] knew he wanted to brew something special to mark the milestone. He wanted to be back in the brewhouse like the good old days, with his sleeves rolled up, brewing a recipe of his own creation. (These days, Mike spends most of his time crunching numbers at a computer and the new beer comes from our very talented brewers: John, Patrick, Aaron and Chris.) By a serendipitous coincidence of timing, the 5,999th batch was scheduled for December 23rd, so the next day, on Christmas Eve morning, Mike and all the guys convened in the brewhouse, armed with several bottles of Belgian ales (“for inspiration”, Mike says), an encyclopedic knowledge of Belgian brewing techniques, and Mike’s new recipe for an epic day of brewing and good cheer. See pictures here and here.

The result is a truly authentic Belgian Dubbel, with additional nods to the Bristol tradition: the malt bill bears a similarity to that of Laughing Lab, the beer that started it all. The yeast is a specially selected Belgian strain. We added a dark Belgian candy sugar, of the variety used virtually everywhere in Belgium, but not even available in the US until a few years ago. We brewed, as in common in the low country, in an open fermenter; the same vessel, as it happens, that Mike opened the brewery with in 1994.

So it is with both nostalgia and a vast sense of pride that we introduce the B6000, available only in 750 mL bottles, bottle conditioned, and hand corked, caged and labeled. It is, to use the Belgians’ term, “digestible”, meaning the mouthfeel and body are bright and fine, quaffable and not cloying or overtly alcoholic, despite its 8% ABV. The slightly spicy flavors evoke raisin, rum and caramel, and it finishes with a dry, expressive carbonation. We present the B6000 Tuesday, August 2nd at 5:00 pm in the Tasting Room and in liquor stores thereafter. We invite you to join us Tuesday to taste our new favorite beer with classic Belgian food pairings by Blue Sage Catering.

[Read the full story here]

Be on the look-out for B6000 and the continued beer love from Bristol.  Cheers to you guys!

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