City O’ City Closes for Remodel August 1

City O' City While recovering from a late Saturday night complete with a show at Benders, a slice from Benny Blanco’s, and dancing and downing tall boys of Red Stripe at Beauty Bar (don’t ask), the boy and I found ourselves at City O’ City on a Sunday afternoon sipping on some of the city’s tastiest blood marys. In fact, these bloody marys were made from City O’s own mirepoix infused vodka (highly recommended). However, I learned something worth noting during that trip last week:

Capitol Hill’s famed vegan/vegetarian spot is expanding its space into the recently purchased real estate at the corner of 13th and Sherman (just next door), and will be closed for remodeling August 1-31st, as long as all goes to schedule. The new space will feature a larger dining room (less time waiting for a table… yay!) as well as a new kitchen, barista station, bathrooms and a new menu. That’s right, this could possibly be the last few days you can come in and devour your favorite City O’ City treats from the old menu, so make sure to find room in your weekend schedule to make a visit.

Personally, I will be incredibly sad if any of my favorites are removed from the menu, including the sweet potato jalapeno croquettes, poutine, shishito peppers or my ultra-fave: the Maximus Burger. However, City O’ has never disappointed me, so I’m looking forward to trying out a new menu.

In true City O’ City style, the restaurant is hosting a “see ya later” party with a firkin tapping from Denver Beer Co. Stop by any time on Sunday, July 31 to bid a fond farewell to what will soon be known as “the way City O’ City used to look,” and at 7 p.m., celebrate the restaurant’s re-birth with Denver Beer Co.’s Cask Conditioned American Wheat with kaffir lime leaves. It will be a guaranteed good time.

So moral of this story is head over to City O’ City before the remodel starts on Monday to enjoy your favorite treats from the menu, celebrate with staff and friends of City O’, and just perhaps, enjoy a mirepoix-infused bloody mary.


*Addition: I just learned that, as a part of the expansion, City O’ City will be adding a patio on the west sidewalk as well as installing air conditioning.

About Ginger Pelz

Ginger is a connoisseur of nothing, but a lover of everything tasty (by her standards, of course). She is perpetually logged into Facebook and Twitter from 9-5 (for work, promise!), and by night you can generally find her on Colfax or anywhere that offers a good time. She's a sucker for a good deal, jazzy eyeglasses and boys who drink pink champagne.

  • Jim

    We are going.

    • Ginger

      Done and… done.

  • Bianca

    eeeek, I’ve been meaning to get over there to try it — yes, for the first time! guess I better go this weekend!

    • Ginger

      Yes, yes! That way you can experience the “before” and the “after.”

  • Shel

    Can Jim make us his veggie burgers while they are closed?

    • Ginger

      I will demand black bean burgers!

  • Greg

    August better be a quick month or may eat a cow. Love City O. The face lift / expansion is much needed. Can’t wait.

    • Ginger

      Agree – stoked to see how it turns out. Really looking forward to the patio, too!

  • Jake

    Haha can you imagine all the hipsters that will be saying “I went to City O’ City before it was remodeled”? That place is legit though 🙂

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