Colorado Brewed: Odell Double Pilsner

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The double or imperial pilsner is a curious and nebulous new beer style. A natural product of the bold audacity of American craft brewers who “dare” to brew stronger versions of any beer style you care to name. Make no mistake, this is an extreme style of beer. The utter antithesis of its quaffable Bohemian ancestry.

I’ve tried imperial pilsners by breweries from across the U.S. and even a couple from further afield. My conclusion of the style thus far is that it’s extremely hard to surmise. Some examples have been brewed to showcase their abundance of clean and bitter saaz hops. Others brewed with a much sweeter character in mind. One commonality among all of the imperial pilsners I have tasted is their brashness. None of them have been remotely quiet or restrained. Odell Double Pilsner falls somewhere between the bitter and sweet extremes, but is extreme nonetheless. You will not easily confuse this beer with any other you’ve tasted before.

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Aromatically, Double Pilsner buzzes with notes of beeswax, ginger and a sharp Riesling white wine. There is also a prominent and seemingly intentional diacetyl sweet corn component.

On the palate, flavors of fresh mint leaf, lemon pith and quinine all busily vie for attention and cumulatively give the beer a breezy Czech pilsner freshness. The thick golden malt base delivers a significant, but not overpowering sweetness.

Double Pilsner’s lively mix of fresh, sweet, bitter and alcohol derived warmth suggest pairing with meats laden in barbecue sauce or slow cooked with robust dry rubs. Fried chicken and citrus splashed fish tacos should also make for colorful and contrasty companions.


  • Brewed in Colorado by: Odell Brewing Company, 800 East Lincoln Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • Released:  April in 12oz bottles and on draft
  • Beer style: Double / Imperial Pilsner
  • ABV: 8.1%
  • IBU: 39
  • Hops: Saaz (and others)
  • Grains: Munich (and others)
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