Where, oh, where has my bartender gone? Tales of the Cocktail, of course.

New Orleans 2007 As you stop in this week to your local cocktail joint, you may notice that your favorite bartender might not be behind the bar.  Bartenders, distributors, and distillers alike are jet-setting down to Tales of the Cocktail held in New Orleans, capital of the sazerac, from July 20 to July 24.  Every year, the booze and restaurant industry conjoin to strut their stuff, attend/give seminars, and network with the talent within their craft.  The week is stuffed with lunches, dinner, brunches, happy hours, bar crawls, concerts… think the cocktail world’s interpretation of GABF.

Some of the talent shipping out to represent Denver include Sean Kenyon (Euclid Hall), Mark Stoddard (The Bitter Bar), Bryan Dayton (Oak at Fourteenth), Alex Parks (Green Russell), Mike Henderson (Root Down), Anika Zappe (Linger), Brian Melton (Off the Cuff Cocktails), Randy Layman (Steuben’s), and more.

Don’t worry, Tales only lasts until July 24th, so you’ll have your bartender back in no time.  And when they return to their station behind the stick, be sure to ask about their time in NOLA–you’re guaranteed to have a very unique, new, and mind-blowing cocktail.

About Jess Hunter

Jess is a lady and a scholar. If she's not mulling over the various names of famous mustaches and their respective bitter cocktails, she's nibbling on American Craft Singles and Cantillon. Connect with her by email at jesshunter@denveroffthewagon.com.