Bull & Bush Turns 40, Celebrates with 40 beers in 40 days

While the general bar trend has seen a decline in the presence of “neighborhood pubs”, Bull & Bush has managed to do well enough for themselves to still be around 40 years later.  What was originally just a restaurant, this pub and brewery has been brewing award-winning beer for 14 of its 40 years.  To celebrate, Bull & Bush will be throwing a 40-day party (dubbed ’40 in 40′).  The ’40 in 40′ means they will be tapping a new beer (about half being their own, as well as rare brews from Colorado and around the world) every day for 40 days! This is all leading up to the grand-finale on August 5th and 6th, when they will be hosting two nights of live music by The Legendary 4-Nikators (August 5th) and The Samples (August 6th).

Here is a schedule for Bull & Bush’s ’40 in 40′ beer releases (in order of availability):

Week 1 (July 15th + 16th):

15 – Bull & Bush Tank Town Brown
16 – The Bruery Cuir

Week 2 (July 17th – 23rd):

17 – Bull & Bush Don’t Mock Mai Bock
18 – St. Feuillien Saison
19 – Bull & Bush Fyfe’s Highland Ale
20 – Kasteel Rouge
21 – Bull & Bush Bear Skin Rug
22 – Christoffel Nobel
23 – Bull & Bush Ghoul Fuel

Week 3 (July 24th – 30th):

24 – Liefmans Cuvee-Brut
25 – Bull & Bush Union Jack Strong Ale
26 – Xbeeriment Black Force One
27 – Bull & Bush Yule Fuel
28 – St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition
29 – Bull & Bush Release the Hounds
30 – De Ranke Saison De Dottignies

Week 4 (July 31st – August 6th):

31 — New Belgium Brewing Day
1 – Bull & Bush Our 38th Anniversary Ale
2 – Dry Dock Brewing Co. Day
3 – Bull & Bush A. Latta Cougar 39th Anniversary Ale
4 – Great Divide Day
5 – Bull & Bush 40th Anniversary WheatWine
6 – Avery Brewing Day

Week 5 (August 7th – 13th):

7 – Bull & Bush Cask Tower ESB
8 – St. Feuillien Printemps
9 – Bull & Bush Yule Fuel Lambic
10 – Bull & Bush Royal Oil
11 – Urthel Saisonniere
12 – Bull & Bush Funky Cougar
13 – Nogne 0 Sunternbrew

Week 6 (August 14th – 20th):

14 – Bull & Bush No Coast IPA
15 – Page 24 Biere De Printemps
16 – Bull & Bush Kobee’s Double Irish Red
17 – St. Feuillien Biere De L’Amitie
18 – Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge
19 – Nogne 0 Imperial Brown Ale
20 – J.W. Lees Harvest Ale Firkin 2001

Week 7 (August 21st – 24th):

21 – Bull & Bush Triple Imperiale
22 – The Legend of the Liquid Brain Day!
23 – La Trappe Isid’or 125th
24 – Bull & Bush Black Coast IPA

If you’d like more information on how Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery got started and the road to 40 years of serving the Glendale community, here’s their story:

Growing up just down Colorado Boulevard from Glendale, when it was mostly fields of cow patties, identical twin brothers Dean and Dale Peterson often rode their bikes by the local dairy that would one day be the home of The Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery. In 1971, casting aside their stockbroker careers to become the bellwether personalities of the Denver restaurant industry in the 70s and 80s, the brothers built the Bull & Bush to kick start a list of successful restaurants.

A fact finding trip to the English countryside provided the Petersons with the concept of a pub modeled after the original Bull & Bush, a British pub located in Hampstead Heath near London that dates back to 1645. They spared no expense bringing back original artifacts and materials to give the restaurant an authentic feel… right down to the now warped copper top bar that still holds up cold beers, delicious food and regular patrons today.

The Bull & Bush opened its doors and soon found itself in the middle of Glendale’s hay day. Long before LoDo attracted the young socialite crowd, Glendale was rocking with the Denver party crowd and it wasn’t uncommon to see a line-up of people outside eagerly waiting to get through the Bull & Bush front door and into the action. Musical acts, friendly bartenders and the area’s first dart rooms entertained the crowds. Not long after the beer started flowing, two satellite dishes were placed on the roof, bringing in sporting events from around the world and creating the nation’s first “Sports Bar.”

Thanks to their sharp instincts, dedication and, above all, the “everybody’s welcome” culture that the Petersons inserted into the Bull & Bush surroundings, the bar still thrives with regular visitors of all ages. Glendale may have gone through several personality changes over the last 39 years, but everyone could always count on their neighborhood pub to remain the relaxed and friendly haven they’d grown to love.

While folks who have visited the Bull & Bush regularly for 30+ odd years may swear it is exactly the same as the first time they set foot on the entryway’s worn wood floor, there have been a few changes along the way. A new generation of Petersons, Dale’s sons David & Erik, now run the show, armed with the knowledge gained growing up watching their often-celebrated and locally famous Father and Uncle.

A patio was added to provide enjoyable outdoor dining in the crisp Colorado climate and there have been a few additions to the full menu of tasty dishes carefully assembled in Rigo’s kitchen. On occasion, you may even see the Bull & Bush 1968 Cadillac limo in the restaurant parking lot.

Last but certainly not least, the pub is now also a brewery. Since brewing its first batch on New Year’s Day of 1997, the Bull & Bush brewing operation has become world renowned for its great tasting and innovative creations. Master Brewer Gabe Moline’s brews have earned multiple accolades including the Best Beer in a Brewpub award in Westword‘s Best of Denver, multiple awards at the annual Denver-hosted Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and most recently the Bull and Bush’s “The Legend of the Liquid Brain Imperial Stout” was given the highest honor, a Gold award, at the World Beer Cup – the world’s largest commercial beer competition.

Most of all it’s you, the loyal customers, that have made The Bull & Bush one of Colorado’s most revered landmarks. As Dale once put it, “This is what it’s all about if you’re in the tavern business. Fresh beer, the music, the camaraderie, and friendship. Most restaurants, you might go in there once a year. Here you come in once a month, once a week…even once a day.”

We look forward to continuing the tradition for generations to come. Thank YOU for being a part of our story and The Granddaddy of Denver Watering Holes!”

–David Peterson- Governor
–Erik Peterson- Minister of Progress

All around it sounds like the making of a very good time.  Make sure to check out their website for more up-to-date info on the festivities.  See a beer (or several beers) that you can’t wait to try?  Feel free to share it in the comments!

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