Colorado 4th in capita per brewery list. Vermont remains #1.

The Brewers Association just released the numbers for 2010’s capita per brewery list.

Despite a shuffle of states in the 2 through 5 positions of the capita per brewery list, just updated and now available on, Vermont still resides at number 1. The Green Mountain State is home to 21 breweries and has a population of 625,741, translating to 1 brewery for every 29,797 residents. In contrast, the state boasting the most breweries is California with 245 breweries (238 fitting the Brewers Association’s definition of a craft brewer), which had a ratio of 1 brewery to every 152,057 residents.

Elsewhere in the top five, Oregon surpassed its closest state, Montana, to take over the second spot, as did Colorado, which leap-frogged Maine for the 4th position. All population data was sources from the 2010 Census data. Compare the new list with 2008 data below, and BA members can view even more updated brewery data in the Members – Only section.


Colorado is by far the biggest state in the top 5. So, there’s that. And, as @joshmishell so eloquently stated, “thats because like 37 people live in Vermont.”

Here are the top 5 stats. View the full pdf for all states.

Rank Total Breweries State Capita/Brewery Population
(breweries * breweries/capita)
1 21 Vermont 29,797 625,737
2 121 Oregon 31,662 3,831,102
3 27 Montana 36,645 989,415
4 118 Colorado 42,620 5,029,160
5 31 Maine 42,850 1,328,350

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  • peewee3

    20 more breweries and we are #3! I wonder what the annual pace of new breweries is for the top 5.

    • PJ

      Wow, states / time. I’m on it.