New Bar Updates

The Occidental seems they won’t be opening their doors.  Rumor has it they won’t open at all due to property management issues and those involved walked away from the project.  So, we await the opening of Williams & Graham while mourning the closed doors (for now) of The Squeaky Bean. (More Wagon articles on The Occidental)

The Squeaky Bean is very, very closely eyeing a location at 20th and Larimer in the “NoDo” district.  They’ll share the same neighborhood as Star Bar and Twelve.  (More Wagon articles on The Squeaky Bean – The Squeaky Bean website)

Euclid Hall welcomes Sean Kenyon to their bartender staff.  Sean starts slinging drinks behind the stick on July 13th.  Stop by to see the cocktail prowess of Denver’s star tender.  (More Wagon articles on Euclid Hall – More Wagon articles on Sean Kenyon – Euclid Hall website)

Bittersweet officially reopens July 12th.  (Updated information on Bittersweet’s happeningsBittersweet website)

Freshcraft gets a new Front of House Manager, Adam Dunbar.  Dunbar hails from Encore on Colfax and brings back to FC great beer and cocktail knowledge.  (More Wagon articles on Adam DunbarFreshCraft website)

TAG recently lost its top bartenders, Brian Melton and James Lee (as well as our fellow beer lover, Jensen Cummings, Chef de cuisine).  Keep a look out for where you can find them next.  You’ll see Melton mixing up a beer cocktail storm this weekend.  Or maybe just go have some of Captain Midnight at Bull & Bush to toast their new adventure.  (More Wagon articles on TAG – TAG website)


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