Breckenridge Brewery’s 21st Anniversary Party Recap

On Saturday, Breckenridge Brewery celebrated their 21st anniversary at its Denver production brewery on Kalamath.  Turning 21 is kind of a big deal, and no I’m not going to make a joke about them finally being able to drink their own beer (even though I just did).  It’s a big deal because Breckenridge Brewery is Colorado’s 3rd oldest craft brewery in the state.  They celebrated with a 7-hour bash (11am-6pm) featuring live music, all-you-can-eat-BBQ, and lots and lots of beer.

Richard Squire, Breckenridge Brewery Founder (Left)

Over 650 people passed through the brewery on Saturday, devouring 4 full pigs and drinking 16 kegs of Breckenridge beer, 3 kegs of Renegade Brewing Co. beer, and 1 keg + 48 cans of Infinite Monkey Theorem wine.  Live music was supplied by Wicked Hiccups (acoustic), Flat Iron Junction (all girls), Marty Jones & the Great Unknowns, and the Colorado Goat Ropers Guild.  Colorado Craft Beer Radio, AM760, also aired its first live remote radio show from the party.

Like any good anniversary party, there were several small-batch beers available in addition to their typical offerings.  In addition to tapping a keg of ‘Twenty’, their Extra ESB aged for 6 months in a Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Barrel, the crew at Breckenridge Brewery unveiled a few firkins:

[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Avalanche -Dry Hopped with Simco hops
  2. 471 IPA-Dry Hopped with Glacier whole hops
  3. Vanilla Porter with extra Vanilla Bean
  4. Buddha’s Hand Witbier


So after 21 years of brewing beer in Colorado, what’s next for Breckenridge Brewery?  Todd Thibault, BB’s Director of Marketing, tells me they will soon be installing six 300bbl fermenting tanks at their Kalamath brewery.  This will mean knocking down a few walls, but won’t require them to move their brewery to a different facility.  With this upgrade, they hope to be producing somewhere in the ballpark of 150,000 barrels/year (currently producing ~ 30,000).  This will be yet another large expansion effort from one of the bigger craft brewers on the scene (others doing so include Dogfish Head, Stone, New Belgium, Lagunitas, and Boulevard).  But rest assured, Todd also told me they are committed to being a Colorado craft brewing company above all else.

If you missed the party, here are two other Colorado breweries celebrating an anniversary in the next few weeks:

Twisted Pine Turns Sweet Sixteen

On July 16th, from 2-7pm, Twisted Pine will be celebrating with the release of Bough Breaker Barleywine.  There will also be 20+ other beers on tap, live music, and grilling!

Bull & Bush Celebrates 40 Years

Starting July 15th, Bull & Bush will be releasing a new beer every day… for 40 days!  The Anniversary Party will be held on August 6th at 9pm.

Here are my shots from the evening, enjoy:

DISCLAIMER: With the entire brewery open, I took full advantage… so there are quite a few brewery shots.

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