Denver Whiskey Club July Shindig

The Denver whiskey club recently announced their July event.  Realizing that being indoors drinking whiskey during the summer may not be everyone’s top choice, they decided to switch it up a bit.  For the July meeting, the club is going to meet at Wash Park in the picnic area near Kentucky and Franklin on July 19th from 6pm until 9pm.  In lieu of whiskey, this meeting will focus on getting outside and having a good time with good people, local beers and BBQ thrown into the mix.  The club is asking for a $10 donation for attendees that will get you a wrist band and access to the tasty beer.  To RSVP for the event and more information check out the Denver Whiskey Club GroupSpaces page.  See you there crazy cats!

About Bess Dougherty

Bess Dougherty's life revolves around hooch. By day she has the pleasure of making beer. At night this dame can often be found sipping whiskey and beer around town. This bearcat is also an avid homebrewer. Yar.