Denver Justice League July Party

Justice League of Street Food Much love to the Justice League for providing not only an awesome way to drink and snack throughout the summer months, but shrouding the next location in mystery. They have commanded my attention.

Finally, we know the location of the July party. The party will be this Saturday at 29th & Huron.

In addition, two developments have made me a very happy camper. This time around, each truck will be providing something unique to the party, so you don’t have to whine about standing in line for a biscuit sandwich that you could get otherwise any time at their fine establishments. Which brings me to my next point (and is even more exciting). As you wait in line for food, beer will be brought to you available for purchase (Avery cans). Rather then waiting in two lines, now you only have to wait in one. Pure genius, and something that actually came up at a DOTW meeting before it was announced. Get out of our heads, Justice League. Both of these things are sure to make your experience even more wonderful, because we all know that it is already pretty wonderful.

Now, for the goodies- (specials for July party only):

Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs – Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sausage with pickled cucumber slaw
Stick it to Me – Moroccan Turkey Kabob with a Harissa aioli
Gastro Cart Denver – Scott Parker (Table6) & Troy Guard (TAG) “Dream Team Special”
The Steamin’ Demon – Crispy Chile Tacos with black beans, queso fresco and marinated onions and peppers
Pinche Tacos – Shrimp Ceviche “Xni Pec”, Yucatan style, with pico de gallo and habenero chiles
Denver Cupcake Truck – Ice cold milk and chocolate chip cookies
Guest truck, Cream City Treats – ICE CREAM

More details are rolling in, so be sure to check Justice League’s Facebook.

See everyone there!


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