Denver off the Wagon named Best Blog in 5280’s Top of the Town

Last week, 5280 Magazine named Denver off the Wagon Denver’s best blog. This was a total surprise and we couldn’t be happier or prouder! I want to send a big, big thank you to all our writers and readers alike; without you, this site would be nothing. And a big thank you to 5280 for recognizing us. It’s a huge honor.

Here’s what the editors at 5280 had to say:



Until we started reading this comprehensive brew-news thread, we had no clue how much noteworthy buzz actually existed about Denver’s burgeoning bar and brewery scene. A team of more than a dozen writers—including home-brewers, bartenders, and passionate drinkers—pens multiple posts daily, on everything from bar launches to drink specials to booze-related bills in Congress. This blog is a must-read for Colorado boozehounds.

See the whole article and the rest of their picks for Top of the Town

Denver off the Wagon started a little over 5 months ago. It’s been an amazing ride so far, and we’re working on bringing you even better content as we move forward. What have you loved so far? Hated? What do you want to see more of? Less of? We always welcome any and all feedback, and I know I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for reading and drinking in Denver!

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  • Ryan

    We all knew that there was a need and desire for this type of publication. Congratulations. And to think, that was your first 4 months. It will be incredible to see what is to come as this site continues to mature.

  • Kyle

    Congratulations, guys. You’re doing a terrific job. I’d like to see more under the legal tab, and more from the Beer Sith.

    • PJ

      Thanks Kyle!

      I’d love to get more into the legal stuff, too. So, thanks for the feedback on that!

      Any ideas you have that might be good for the Sith? We’re always open to suggestions for juicy topics…

      • Kyle

        A few possible avenues for the Dark Lord of the Wagon:
        1) Confessions of a bartender/brewer, anonymized. I’ll bet there are some good incriminating/embarrassing/hilarious stories that the writers or writers’ friends have experienced that would be fun to read.
        2) Critical call-outs. Who is holding back the industry in Denver? Politicians (Larry Liston and Crisanta Duran?), Businesses (why don’t Mexican restaurants serve Mexican Logger, Del Norte, D’Agave?). To keep it from being too negative, such an article could include a call to action.