June 18th Release of Stranahan’s Snowflake

The Silver Label is Back!

Hey everyone, I just got some exciting news concerning the next edition of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskeys’ Snowflake series.  People have been asking me when to expect the next one ever since we ran out of the previous batch that had been aged in port wine barrels and was dubbed “Desire”.  They are not releasing a lot of information yet but I do know that it has been “triple wood aged” in three different wine barrels, and then blended to create a fine tasting spirit!  From what I heard about the tasting notes we are in for another fruity sweet heavy bodied whiskey similar to the Desire.

As for how to get your hands on it, I know that there was a line around the block for the last snowflake release and that Stranahan’s ran out of it in about 4 hours.  Considering all the hype and extra marketing they have been getting recently I would expect it to be even more of a frenzy.  The doors will open June 18th at 10:00 AM so get there at 9:00.  They are releasing it just in time for fathers day and as far as know the bottles will cost $85, just like the last release.

Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey To keep up on details frequent their facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stranahans-Colorado-Whiskey/36521779025

And Jake’s blog on their website here: http://www.stranahans.com/?q=blog

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Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.

  • Matt M.

    from there facebook page!

    It’s coming, it’s coming! This Saturday, prepare for our newest Snowflake release…Solitude! June 18th at 10am we will be opening the doors of the distillery for the Snowflake!!! Brief tasting notes straight from our head distiller- “Complex tannins interact with rich fruit notes and leaf tobacco”. That description is just a teaser. Stay posted for more notes later this week.

    The doors of the Rackhouse Pub will open at 9am for breakfast burritos, beers and, of course, whiskey! Grab some delicious food while you wait! What a great start to your weekend. We suggest getting here to grab a spot in line to guarentee you will get a chance to experience our Snowflake! If you don’t have a Father’s Day gift yet…. I’m just suggesting 😉

    The maximum is 2 bottles/person, at $90/bottle. Don’t miss out and we will see you on Saturday!

    This Snowflake is a triple wood release. We will let you know more tasting notes in the upcoming dyas. And, yes Aaron, this is a special release/edition of our whiskey that is only sold here at the distillery…delicious!

    • Josh Rapp

      Thanks Matt I was just about to write all that down on this comment haha 🙂

  • Steve Rapp

    Folks – check out our joint review of Stranahan’s paired with CAO Soprano Boss cigars. An amazing combination completely made by Stranahan’s and especially this year’s Snowflake. – http://www.atlanticcigar.com/All-Cigars/CAO-Sopranos-Edition-Boss-review.asp. My group of camping buddies are big Stranahan’s fans. We just wish there was more in Michigan.

  • Strattons

    I’m holding you personally responsible if I don’t get a bottle, June’s 18…is Tuesday and I got a call to hurry down cause it is going fast…saturday morning the 16th!