Awaited: Odell Woodcut #5

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It’s that magical time of year again when the folks at Odell Brewing Co send our way another unique, one-time release of tasty goodness all standards up to par with the Woodcut Series. From “Golden Ale (#2)” to “Double-Marzen Style Lager (#4)”, every release from the coveted series has done exceptionally well with both drinking young, as well as high aging potential.  With the fifth release, Odell has gone with a bold, 11.3%ALC Belgian-Style Quad:  an end-product of blending traditional Belgian yeast as well as their house ale yeast to give bold spice and layer upon layer of candied sugars.  The juice is then lain to mature in virgin American Oak prior to the 750ml cork & cage encasing  just as the series before.  With all the chewy-yeasty goodness you’d imagine with a high ALC Quad, coupled with brilliant Oak tones and special B malt perfect for cellaring, raison and fig-fruit fans will be lining up by the gaggle for this brew in anticipation rivaling a Justin Bieber Trapper Keeper signing.

Look for Woodcut #5 to hit shelves 06/07

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  • Matt

    really siked about this release!