Vine Street Brewhouse arrives

Finally! Mountain Sun has been posting pictures this morning of some bright shiny tanks arriving at their Vine Street location. We’re waiting on some more details from the brewers, like when they can start brewing, but this is exciting! The tanks look like 12bbls.


Update: Just heard from Hutch – the fine looking gentleman in the picture – with some more details on the operation. The new arrival is a 12 bbl (bbl = barrel. 1 barrel = 31 gallons = 2 of those normal sized kegs) brewhouse from JVNW in Oregon. In mid July Vine Street will bring in 5 24bbl fermentors and a 24 bbl brite tank. When they reach capacity, they’ll be at 5,000 barrels annually. That’s 15,500 gallons of beer. Brewing will begin in late Fall.

Who’s excited?

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  • Kyle

    How does that capacity compare to other breweries we may know? Actually, can you just make a list? Or do you want me to?

    • PJ

      Great Divide was at 18,000 bbls last year, up from 12k the year before. I can get a list from the BA if you’re interested