Great Divide Anniversary Party or Avery SourFest


The stars were misaligned. The tea leaves were read incorrectly. The soup can telephone had a kink in the line. For whatever reason, and I truly believe neither party are to blame, Great Divide and Avery are both throwing their best parties of the year on the same day.

Great Divide’s 17th Anniversary Party and Avery’s SourFest are both next Saturday, June 11th.

Avery’s SourFest is a beer festival. Dozens of breweries bring out their rare, sour, crazy, funky, strange, and awesome big and small batches. The event is one of the best – scratch that, THE best beer festival I’ve been to. Avery keeps the ticket sales to a minimum, so the festival isn’t overly crowded. The room is a great mixture of beer geeks and brewers. To your right, that guy you bumped into at Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines last January. To your left, the head of ops from Lost Abbey. In your hand, some 16% funk of a beast from Avery, or Trinity, or Allagash, or.. you get the idea.

Great Divide’s Anniversary Party is a party. Music, food, and lots and lots of beer. Food trucks supply the edibles while beer tents around the closed off block of Arapahoe serve everything from the year-round brews to the 5 gallon oddities Fox was brewing at 2am last month. It’s like a massive send off for Cheers, where you know everyone’s name, and everyone include about 900 people. Great Divide likes to party, and they celebrate their birthday like you knew they would.

So what do you do? SourFest tickets sold out in 18 minutes. Tickets to Great Divide’s party are still available at Obviously, if you don’t have tickets to SourFest, you go to Great Divide. For me, it’s a hard choice. If you’ve ever met me, you know I fight for Great Divide like that dude in Kick Ass fights for.. everything. And I hate to get in a car and drive somewhere when I can walk. And man, Denver > Boulder, any day of the week (Ya, I said it. What?)

However, I’ll be going to SourFest, but I’ll be fomo-ing (fomo – fear of missing out – a term I learned last weekend in reference to ordering the wrong dish) pretty hard.

What’s your plan? Avery? Great Divide? Try to hit both?

One thing is for sure. What an awesome place to live, where this is the decision you have to make.

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  • Hanna Laney

    Great article! Bummer that these events are on the same day, but I spoke with CV at Avery yesterday and we’re both just excited at the growing list of options for people seeking phenomenal beers along the Front Range! Cheers to both events and both breweries!

  • Josh Rapp

    I’m glad there is an alternative for people who waited 20 minutes to try and get Sour Fest tickets but missed out 😛

  • zman

    I for one will be at Sourfest…..mmmmm…sours…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!