Justice League of Street Food Returns

Justice League of Street Food Be hungry on Saturday, and come sporting a cape. The street food phenomenon known as the Justice League of Street Food is back for 2011 in a new location that was just disclosed a few minutes ago:

3507 Ringsby Court Denver, CO 80216

Bring your drinking cups too, because Great Divide will be there serving the delicious beer that they make, as well as Tortoise Creek Wines.

Carts include Steuben’s, Sully’s Slice Truck, The Biscuit Bus, The Denver Cupcake Truck, Pinche Tacos, Deluxe’s Little Orange Rocket, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, The Steamin’ Demon, Gastro Cart, & Stick It To Me.

Be there at 5pm!


About Jim Halligan

Jim is a modern day conquistador. When not teaching his three parrots to speak Italian, he spends time poking flags in things and calling them his own.

  • Bess Dougherty

    Holy crap i’m so excited!

  • http://denverhbc.com DenverHBC

    So do I still need to bring $200 to eat from their trucks?

    • Jim Halligan

      Bring $220 so I can borrow $20.

  • http://denverhbc.com DenverHBC

    $20? What do you want to get with $20 a corn tortilla and a look of disdain? Sorry, just trolling. I miss cheap quality food trucks since I am never in Aurora anymore.

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