First Friday Fling at the Monkey House

If you’ve yet to encounter the wines of Denver’s own Infinite Monkey Theorem then you need to catch up, and this Friday June 3rd is a perfect time to do so.  Self proclaimed “Mad Scientist,” Ben Parsons, is crafting World class, award winning wines in a converted quonset hut in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District.  There are no rolling acres of vineyards, and certainly no Chateau.  This is “Urban Winemaking” and resistance is futile.

Throughout the First Friday Art Walk season the best way to experience Monkey culture is not at the Denver Zoo, but in the back alley courtyard at Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery.  Are you looking for some wine infused fun this Friday? June 3rd kicks off the First Friday season and IMT will be kicking it Monkey style.  From 5pm to 10pm wines by the glass will start at $8, Pizzeria Basta will be cooking up food and DJ Mile High Sound Movement will be cooking up the  entertainment.  Winemaker Ben Parsons describes it as “just a big party.  It’s people having fun and drinking wine with a live band and the best pizza in town.”

Wine Spectator Magazine recently awarded IMT’s goliath blend “The 100th Monkey” with 88 points; the highest score the Spectator has ever given to a Colorado wine.  However, although the wines are crafted here in Denver, the grapes are not exclusively from Colorado.  IMT sources fruit from Colorado’s Grand Valley, but also from California and Oregon, or where ever they find the best grapes.  Try the new bottling of “The Blind Watchmaker,” a blend of Colorado and California fruit.  Later this summer IMT has plans to release their first batch of sparkling Muscat in 250ml cans.  If you’ve never had it in the can before you owe it to yourself.

Head down to Drunken Monkey Friday with your friends.  It’s the best party on Santa Fe and everyone is invited.    931 W 5th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

About Don Ryan

Don Ryan cares about booze. He's made it, bottled it, mixed it, drank it, sniffed it, slept with it, spilled it, slept in it, cooked with it, sipped it, shot it, lit it on fire, whispered sweet nothings to it, listened to it and sold it. Now he's writing about it.