Denver Whiskey Club, Time to Join Up!

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Some of you may have heard of the Denver Whiskey Club before but for those of you who haven’t or just haven’t been yet, now is the time to join up.  We always have a great time drinking whiskey for less than you would normally pay and are educated about whiskey in the process.

Thanks to DWC's Facebook Page

So far we have been all around town and have visited The Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Distillery, Tooeys Bar, Interstate Kitchen, Scruffy Murphy’s, The Rackhouse Pub, Providence Tavern, and Roo Bar to name a few.

As a club we get to taste a lot of really interesting things that you will never see at a bar or in the liquor store.  At the April meeting we met at Providence Tavern and were privileged enough to try whiskey from Downslope Distilling, Dancing Pines Distillery and Peach Street Distillers.  Dancing Pines is an up and coming distillery and brought us a three bottle progression of their Bourbon, from White dog to 8 month old to 15 month old.  Downslope really pulled out all the stops and brought some special single barrel whiskey as well as some that had been aged in wine barrels.  Peach street hooked us up with some of their bourbon which is only available at the distillery in Palisade.

This club has definitely opened my eyes to a brand new alcohol that I originally thought was either bad tasting or just for getting drunk because of my previous experiences with Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.  I don’t know how many people are like me in that way but I would challenge everyone to come out for a meeting and give whiskey a chance because it can really surprise you.

Thanks to DWC's Facebook Page

For everyone who truly does not like drinking whiskey straight you can still join us every once in a while.  Some of my favorite meetings involve the tasting of whiskey cocktails.  Sean Kenyon, from Steuben’s and The Squeaky Bean, who is easily one of the best award winning bartenders in Denver joined us one night to cover classic whiskey cocktails.  He made some of the best Manhattans, Sazeracs, and Old Fashions that you will ever taste and filled us in on the history of the cocktails which have been around for more than a hundred years in most cases.  Just last week Kevin Burke of Colt and Gray and winner of the Denver’s Best Bartender award from the Westword this year, told us all about the Mint Julep.  Just hearing from and absorbing information from enthusiasts like Sean and Kevin make these meetings worth it and that’s not even counting the great drinks.

There are a lot of perks for members coming up including being able choose barrels of whiskey from distilleries that will then be bottled just for us.  Members who go to the meetings already get discounts on whiskey from Total Beverage and there is much more to come.  The best part is there is no membership fee and most of the time we get to have awesome flights of whiskey for around ten dollars!

The next meeting is in conjunction with Interstate Kitchen’s Summer Solstice party on June 21st.  Visit the Facebook page and Group Spaces page to find out more and to sign up!

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Josh is a beer and whiskey enthusiast. He is a home brewer and a long time member of the Denver Whiskey Club and Denver Homebrew Club. He also makes Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey for money.