A Gallery: Odell Small Batch Revival

Ahh, finally it’s spring, and that means means more and more outdoor gatherings of Colorado’s craft beer enthusiasts. Last Saturday Odell Brewing Co brought back an event from the past, and they called it the Small Batch Revival. Odell had over 25 of their finest hand crafted beers on tap, giving visitors an opportunity to try something new.

I was expecting a small indoor gathering similar to other specialized events like The United Tastes of Belgium, hosted at Wynkoop earlier this month. But, I was wrong: this was a big outdoor festival with a large crowd of thirsty Odell fans. According to Odell, they gave out a staggering 5,000 wrist bands throughout the afternoon.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as welcoming as the Odell crew. Overcast skies dropped a few raindrops here and there, but everyone stuck around to enjoy the beer, live music and local food.

But enough words, here are some pictures.

From Kell Benson:

From Sean Buchan:

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