American Craft Beer Week – Let’s keep it going

heading for Travis' beer raft

Perfect time for a can of craft! 'heading for Travis' beer raft' by nugunslinger on Flickr

Hopefully everyone was able to get out to their local beer bar, restaurant, or bottle shop last week and support American Craft brewers with an actual purchase of their product.

The amount of quality brew out in the marketplace is staggering, so, you probably just scratched the surface. Remember to continue that practice throughout the year,especially during the Big 3 of Summer Holidays – Memorial Day, the Fourth of July,and Labor Day. Craft beer is the perfect summer companion to barbeques, backyard parties, camping trips, fishing trips, etc. These events are perfect opportunities to introduce friends and family to craft beer.

It is also the time of the year for the “Summer Seasonal”. A beer that fits the season and the activities associated with it. May not be the biggest, boldest, highest ABV, but, perfect for the sunshine and session nature of the season.

On the straight retail side, more beer is purchased between Memorial Day and Labor Day than any time of the year. The Big 3 Summer Holidays account for upwards of 60% of the total yearly sales for big industrial breweries. Think about those gigantic beer displays that dominate floor space at liquor stores.

Me tubing down the Wanatchee

Replace the macro with a can of Dales Pale -- 'Me tubing down the Wanatchee' by joestump on Flickr

Get back out to you your neighborhood beer bar and explore those seasonal brews, they are the best places to sample what is available, ask questions, ask for further suggestions.That way you’ll be prepared the next time you are headed to that BBQ or Porch Party, ignore that 3 story display of case boxes shaped like a giant BBQ. Slide around to the craft beer section. Pick out something that is interesting, and something that not many of your companions have tried. Help keep American Craft Beer Week running strong throughout the summer.

Check back here again, we’ll be posting specific suggestions throughout the season.


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