Firestone Walker launching in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, missing Denver

We just got word from Firestone Walker that they’re launching in Colorado June 21st. However, they won’t be in Denver just yet. They’ve been unable to find a distributor in Denver with a large enough cold storage to serve our very large beer market. Elizabeth Kagan, Firestone Walker’s Sales Manager for this territory, explained:

We are pretty passionate about cold storing our beers and currently the distributors we are looking to work with in Denver just aren’t set up for the additional volume in the cold box yet.

While that pretty much just sucks for us, it’s great that they care enough about their product to wait. Firestone Walker will be releasing their beer north and south of us, however. If you don’t mind a bit of a trek, you can find the beer at a few release parties:

And, when they do hit Denver, we’ll be hosting a welcome party.

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  • @ColoBeerMan

    Seriously? They can’t find a big enough fridge? Weird.

  • CraftBeerDude

    Sure, it gives the impression that they care about their product, but, seriously? You’d think they’d be excited just to get *something* here, even if they have to hunt down more space later.

    Almost seems a little arrogant.

    • PJ

      I agree on some level, but at the same time, they probably don’t want to come in and only service a few accounts. I think they’re more of an all or nothing company, and they want to hit Denver hard when they hit it.

      Pride in your product can definitely come across as arrogance.

  • CraftBeerDude

    Touche. Makes a lot of sense; perhaps it was just planned poorly. Either way, very excited to see their beers on shelves here.

    • PJ

      Seriously. Seriously excited. I first had FW at Stone in San Diego.. 15th Anniversary release party, and they had ALL the components on tap, and then the bottles available as well. Absurdly delicious.

      We’ll be making a road trip for one of these events.