Denver Food Trucks Back At It

Denver Food Truck Renegades Do you like food? Do you also like Lorenzo Lamas? Well, renegade, do we have a party for you. Originally slated for April 30 and rescheduled due to crappy weather, the Denver Food Truck Renegades are throwing down this Friday, May 27, at 4pm on 9th and Bannock. It is rain or shine this time around, but Denver Off The Wagon guarantees that the weather will be fantastic (or we have been drinking).

The all-star lineup includes: Street Eats, Crock Spot, Steuben’s, The Biscuit Bus, Stick it To Me, Mikes2Kitchen, Bon Bon Buggy, MaxLunch, Brava Pizza, Mythos Greek, and Sweet Revenge Cupcakes.

To quench your thirst, Left Hand Brewing will be there with the usual suspects.

And if that is not enough to get excited about- the Justice League of Street Food, featuring the tasty suds of Great Divide, kicks off their first party on Saturday, June 4 at a secret, undisclosed location. Stay tuned for details here.

Happy Summer!













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  • gingerpelz

    So there are definitely two groups – Renegades and Justice League? For some reason I thought Justice League just changed its name…

    • Jim Halligan

      There are two, but some trucks belong to both. I compare it to Wolverine belonging to the X-Men and also the Avengers. Confusing, but awesome.