Wynkoop’s United Tastes of Belgium

Wynkoop celebrated American Craft Beer Week in style last Saturday, hosting their first ever United Tastes of Belgium. They played host to numerous Colorado breweries, and  a few out of staters, celebrating how American breweries tackle Belgian style beers. There were some amazing sours, a bunch of great Dubbels, Trippels and Saisons, and a huge spread of cheeses from around the states and Europe.

Wynkoop shut down their upstairs pool hall and had tables with bottles and jockey boxes set up throughout the spacious second floor, making it a fun and not too crowded event with some spectacular beer. A couple highlights for those lucky enough to be there were Double Rainbow, a collaboration from Black Fox and Trinity, and another concoction out of Colorado Springs, Bristol’s Dubbel. I believe this was the first Belgian themed event Wynkoop has hosted, and I’ve gotta say it was a great success. There was plenty of room to wander and mingle and sample everything without being elbowed every thirty seconds.

Enough words. Here are some shots from the event:

About Kell Benson

Kell has been drinking non-stop since turning 21, and yearns to start a brewery. His life goal is to rope and ride a moose while under the Aurora Borealis. No regrets, that's his motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.

  • http://www.denveromeletteblog.com Mama Monroe

    was the event well managed? i kind of wish i had gone – but it just didn’t work out that day.

    • Kell Benson

      It was managed really well, having all of the beer stations spread throughout the pool hall and the cheese and chocolate tables in the middle kept everyone spread out and happy. And the crowd was laid back and fun. Wynkoop did a great job with this one.

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