Joy Wine & Spirits offers special ACBW sale

Joy Wine & Spirits (1302 East 6th Avenue) is joining in the excitement of American Craft Beer Week with some specials, good through Sunday, May 22. Many of their craft beer bombers are on sale, including things from Hoppin’ Frog, Lost Abbey, Goose Island, Port Brewing, Jolly Pumpkin, Boulevard and a bunch more.

If you haven’t been to Joy yet, head on over for this sale. It’s a great little wine shop with an amazing craft beer selection, just a block east of Safeway on 6th in Capitol Hill. I wrote about Joy about a year ago, after being amazed by the selection, repeatedly:

Whenever I walk into a liquor store, I head straight to the beer. It’s not conscious. I just do it. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for wine, a lime, or if I accidentally wandered in with no thought in my mind (often occurrence), I head to the beer section.

Joy Wine & Spirits has an amazing selection. This place is tiny. There’s maybe 8 doors in the cooler section, and that includes the macros and the white wines. But packed into that little area is one of the best beer selections I’d seen in Denver. It wasn’t as expansive as Argonaut or Total Bev, but for it’s location and size, it was impressive.

And then I went back the next week. And the selection had changed.

That happened the next 2 times I went in.

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Stop by this week, tell them you’re there for the American Craft Beer Week special, and buy some tasty beer!

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